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Since 1913 Dienes has represented complete solutions and services in the fields of industrial knives, knife holders, slitting systems and valves for around 100 years.
Dienes is the worldwide leading suppiler of circular and straight knives, knife holders and slitting systems as well as component partner for all related services

Dienes  circular knives are available for different applications up to diameter of 500 mm and meet highest demands and ensure a maximum service life,optimum cutting edge quality and minimum dust production.

Type of industrial knives are as follows:

Straight knives – Circular knives – Knife holders – slitting systems.

Proserv international GmbH & Co

The Proser vinternational GmbH & Co is a German Corporation which is one of the most powerful suppliers of paper industry factories and instruments. Since 1995 they have done many projects in all over the worlds.

PetroservRiton corporation mostly performs in paper industry. We help our customer to find appropriate machines and buy with a reasonable price.

Proservinternational GmbH & Co is a German Corporation which is one of the most powerful suppliers of paper industry factories and instruments. Since 1995 they have done many projects in all over the worlds and because of that most of the corporations are familiar with Norbert Schroeder the head of Proservinternational GmbH & Co.Their honest consultant leads you to choose the best option, buy, setup and Commissioning.We are honored to announce, that we are the unique representative of them in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan.

Christian Maier GmbH & Co.

We are honored also announce that we are EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR and agent of Christian Maier GmbH & Co. Kg in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan.

Rotary Joints by Maier –A Union for Life

Excellent quality in products and service, safety and reliability as well as a treasure trove of experience gained in more than 90 years of company history provide the foundation for our leadership in rotary joint technology. Our successful formula for optimal leak-proof solutions: intensive development combined with testing both in the laboratory and in the field –for high performance of machines and plants in different industries.

Maier GmbH & Co company supplies many basic series, more than one thousand standard types, and numerous special solutions to safely connect pressure pipes to rotating systems – for heating or cooling with water, steam or thermal oil, for conveying cooling lubricant or for controlling production processes by means of hydraulic oil or compressed air.

Industries where Rotary Joints can be used:

  • Plastic Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • In general, all kinds of Manufacturing Systems
  • Machine Tools
  • Renewable Energies
  • First Choice for all Industries
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